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Bio | TimBeat

"Music is not MY work OR MY hobby

Music is my ALL!"

Dear friends, let me introduce myself!


My name is TEMURBEk SadIkov (TimBeat)


I was born in 1992 in one of the historical cities of Uzbekistan, in Samarkand.


My passion for music was from an early age, so I often spent time at our family piano “Ro’nisch”.

Unfortunately, notes I chose were not melodic and harmonious. In connection with this, I began to ask my parents for a music school. As a result, I graduated from a music school’s piano class, with a red certificate in 5 years.


And so it all began ...

Years of work on myself gave me certain skills and abilities to write full-fledged compositions.


I develop every day over the years, trying not to dwell on achieved results and trying to move forward to new knowledge, experience and achievements.


A lot of work has been done, as a result, there is something to boast and share with you. For 8-10 years, a lot has been created.

As a sound producer, was created:


- More than 60 author tracks

- More than 40 remixes,  dozen of them was an official remix for many artists and performers

- More than 15 tracks published on foreign labels

- More than 10 works were performed on radio stations in Russia,  USA, Germany, Ukraine and IN ANOTHER COUNTRIES

- 5 compositions of orchestral music were written as a soundtrack, including for trailers and TV series.

I got interested in DJing in 2009-2010s.

It all started with pampering, and then I decided to get training from professionals in their field.

My first educational institution in the class of DJing was in one of the pavilions of the sports complex "Olimpiyskiy" in Moscow.

Desire to learn was very high and the learning process passed very quickly. Having learned the basics, I began to search for any opportunity to improve my DJing skills in nightclubs in Moscow.

A little bit later, I found out about the existence of another educational institution called “Dj Groove Audio School”.

After studying at this school, my level as a DJ has increased significantly. Constantly working on myself, I spent the nights at the rehearsal base. Thanks to the administration of the audio school for the opportunity. At school, I experimented and honed my skills to bring it to a high level.


Time later, I started to work fully in clubs and nightclubs in Moscow.

One day, I concluded that I want to create music more than playing it. In this regard, I had a long break in the field of DJing as I went into music production, which I do not regret for a minute!


At this time, I do music and DJing in my free time.

With music, I rest!